The Long and Short Of It. Together since 2007, writing uplifting songs. What inspired the first song you wrote together?

Olivia Newton-JohnSmoky DawsonKasey ChambersTravis Collins. Country music in Melbourne. What are your top five classic country songs by Australian artists to cover?

“The Ringer & The Princess” by Graeme Connors

Six albums, two EPs to , released last year, which topped the Australian Independent Record Label charts. Guitar driven, strong lyrics. Putting together songs that resonate with listeners. How did your fans influence which songs you choose?

“Cowboy Lonesome,” a song about a lonely cowboy missing his partner in the wilderness — The single was the debut collaboration between you and Nashville based producer Kenny Royster. Was this song based on a true experience?

Your current single, “A Little Love Will Fix You Up.” David, you shared that, February is the ‘love’ month — which songs would you put on your playlist of songs to reassure you that love will fix you up?

You shared about your friend Gregory Ladner’s memoir , that is full of recollections from his life in suburban Melbourne of the 1950’s to the world of high fashion. Can you share some other books for us to add to our TBR lists?

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