If you were to write an intro for “Body Language” before it played on the radio, what would you want listeners to know about the song?

I would say “Hey, This is Zac Hart and “Body Language” is a song about being in those special moments with someone where words can become unnecessary and you can just love being with someone and get each other on another level. It’s a fun, easy-going love song, and I hope people can relate it to that feeling they get when they have those moments with someone they love.” 

6 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

South-Eastern Kentucky native. Nashville resident. Your music aspirations began at age 10 when you watched a family member perform in her bluegrass band. How has your family supported your career as an independent musician?

Oh, from the very beginning they were so supportive. Maybe it was my constant annoying them about that finally broke them, but when it was evident that I really wanted to do this, my parents drove me out to Harrogate, TN most weekends where I could perform with a live band. It was Traditional Country Music, Gospel, Bluegrass. And that was how I learned to perform and play. It was my education system doing that every weekend. We were also taking trips down to Nashville 1-3 times a month so I could play at the Nashville Palace, write with whoever would write with me, and play wherever I was invited to play. It sounds ridiculous, but my parents did that for me not knowing what would come of it, but it was essentially my sport. I think if they saw me doing something like that they wanted me to learn that I had to work for it and be all in. And I was. I still am and I love it with my whole heart. So I’m very thankful that my parents fed into those aspirations of mine and pushed me to grow and find ways for me to get better. I know that every day that they did that for me. 

Fellow Christian artists from Kentucky include Anne Wilson, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Steven Curtis Chapman. Can you share some of the newer Christian artists from your home state we should add to our playlists?

I absolutely love Anne Wilson’s music. I played a show with her a few years ago and we sang a few together and she’s an awesome person to sing with. Amazing voice to harmonize with and she has such and incredible story. I love her album. I love Phil Wickham. I love Cain. Those are just a few of my favorites. I would also love to sit down and talk or write with Cory Asbury. He seems like such a fun guy and I’d just love to have a conversation with him. His music is great. 

As for some Christian artists from my home state, a good friend of mine Jake McPheron from my hometown is actually gearing up to release some music soon, and I know that is going to be really awesome, so look out for that. He’s started to play some of the songs from his upcoming project live so some of them are on his social media. He has an awesome story as well and I love his family.

Country music influences include Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and George Jones. What makes a song  traditional country?

I consider traditional country music to be the music that is the foundation of what country music has now become. I think the time between the 50s and the 80s is where we see the innovators of the genre become the legends we see them as today. Obviously now country music is made up of so many influences and sub-genres. But at its foundation is that real, classic country music. It’s real and raw, and it pushes through the shine and glimmer in production you see in most music today and just cuts straight to the soul. Down to the song structure, the pedal steel, the storytelling.  And it’s also so timeless. As an artist you want to make timeless music while also making something new that hasn’t been done before. Doesn’t age. Traditional country music is classic and timeless. 

“Plan To” “… is a song about that special kind of person who, no matter what, we always end up doing exactly what it is they want us to do. We come over when they say come over, and even when we don’t plan on it, we always end up back in their arms. It’s a casual love song of sorts.” What inspired you to write this song?

I was 19 when I wrote that song actually. I think I was kind of pulling from personal experience. We know who those people were for us at one time when we were young and just starting to find love, where we would have dropped everything to go be with. The excitement of it. It’s new, you’re young, and everything just feels so intense at that age. Obviously creative license was taken, so I would say the song was more about the overall feeling and young love than a single experience with one single person. 

I was in a transitional time in releasing music and that’s one that we’ve always had a good time playing with the band. People at the shows loved it so we finally released it. At 23. And I’m glad it got to have it’s chance on tape! 

What is one message you hope fans take away from your music?

I want my music to be an escape for someone who really needs it. Or an outlet for someone to feel like they aren’t alone in whatever they’ve gone through. I want my music to be for other people what music has always been for me and that’s a safe space. One of only earthly ways we can feel truly happy, and entertained, and lost and found all at the same time. My music has a lot of themes of young love, heartbreak, loss, moving on, and ultimately realizing everything happens for a reason. That’s life. We’ve all been there or will be there. We’re all just riding the wave of life, and figuring things out. This is me figuring it out as I go and finding out that everything happens the ways it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to. So I want people to hear that in music, relate to it, and it can be a deep thing or not deep at all. It’s music. That’s the beauty of it. It’s a vibe. 

What Christmas traditions do you most fondly recall from your childhood?

Probably watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music. Those are 2 of my favorite ways to let go and unwind anyway so there are some special songs and movies that I try to sit down with my family and listen to or watch every year at this time. I also kind of miss making Christmas crafts in elementary school. 

Can you share 12 songs that have influenced your life and career?

This is a hard one. If I had to think of these songs off the top of my head right now I would say… 

“Waiting on a Woman” Brad Paisley

One of the first songs from my childhood that I remember watching the video on CMT and feeling like I wanted to do Country Music. 

“Silver and Gold” Dolly Parton

It’s a Dolly Parton song. First song I ever sang on a stage in front of a crowd. Important moment. 

“Long Black Train” Josh Turner

From age 6 to 10 I probably annoyed every person who I knew with this song. I was obsessed with it. I also wanted to be Josh Turner. It’s a great song but I might have ruined it for some people. 

“Stay a Little Longer” Brothers Osborne

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I remember hearing this for the first time at Disney World in 2015 and being introduced to Brothers Osborne’s music. It definitely sounded to me like the music that I wanted to make. 

“Red” Taylor Swift

This entire album was a turning point in music for me, as a fan of music. It was my first real introduction to pop music. Made me want to discover music for myself beyond all the music I had grown up loving. I discovered I loved pop music from this album. 

“Young to See” Charlie Worsham

I love Charlie Worsham. And this was another song my 14 year old self became obsessed with. Hoping to figure out who I was an artist and a songwriter and the kind of stories I wanted to tell. Musically and lyrically I love this song. 

“Ex To See” Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt became a huge influence on me, obviously. This was at a time that newer artists like Sam were coming out with new, fresh takes on country music that just seemed so effortlessly cool. I’m inspired by him and his music. 

“Whenever You Come Around” Vince Gill

One of those songs for me that just reminds me of why I love music and Vince Gill has been a huge influence on me and my music. 

“The Old Rugged Cross” Alan Jackson

Classic hymn. It always takes me back to the music I fell in love with as a toddler. It means something and it feels like something. This was the music that made me discover music could make you feel that way. 

“End of the World” Kelsea Ballerini

I love Kelsea Ballerini, and the entire Unapologetically album was so encouraging and inspiring to me as a songwriter.

“Lonely Eyes” Lauv

Is another inspiring artist to me. I love his music, his writing, and the way his music makes me feel. Very inspiring to me during the writing and production of my first EP Pieces.

“From This Valley” Civil Wars

Another song I was 14 and obsessed with. This song is such a simple, moving song and it does everything a song of this caliber should do and something about it just brings me back to my roots and reminds me of why I love this music.