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The 612 Interview with Shannon Quinn

Six “Would You Rather” Questions…

Would you rather:

Watch a television series or movie?

Series for sure, I could binge watch Peaky Blinders all day everyday

Live in the country or city?

Country (even though I live in the city).

Eat pancakes or waffles?


Eat an ice cream cone or ice cream sundae?

All ice cream.

Sip coffee or tea?

Iced coffee – I’m actually obsessed with it.

Ride roller coasters or bumper cars?

Roller coasters.

Twelve songs that have impacted my life and career…

All Too Well – Taylor Swift

Almost every single Taylor Swift song has influenced me – especially All Too Well. I had my first “heartbreak” – it wasn’t even that bad, I’m just overdramatic – at 16. This song was the one thing I could relate too and it impacted my writing style so much.


Chattahoochee – Alan Jackson

As weird as that sounds, it’s just such a fun song and it made me realize that I can write “silly” things and still have major success with them!


Remember When – Alan Jackson

This is another one of Alan Jackson’s songs that really resonated with me. It helped mold my songwriting into storytelling.


Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) – Alan Jackson

All his music has really influenced me. This one helped me write songs that send a powerful message.


Standchen – Franz Schubert

Bet you weren’t expecting that one! I actually have my BFA in Vocal Performance, so classical music is something that is really special to me. This song in particular, I sang my senior year and it was so special because my good friend, Bela, was my accompanist. He ended up passing away unexpectedly in December of 2019. Now all the classical music I had the pleasure of performing with him is so important to me.


Sleeping on the Black Top – Colter Wall

This actually, musically, inspired my new single “Hate You.” The country/rock/folk style was something I wanted to replicate.


Tattoos – Tyler Childers

This one also inspired my single “Hate You.”


Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones

Most of their songs, in general, have inspired me. I use a ton of metaphors in my writing and I genuinely think it is because I grew up listening to their music. My dad had their cassette tapes and he’d play them while I was in the car with him. I love their songwriting style, along with their instrumentation. My dad and I actually went to see them in October 2021 when they came to Nashville. We both had a blast and fan-girled.


Danny Boy – Irish Traditional

This song actually sparked my love of music. It was the first song I sang in front of an audience and it was also my Pap’s favorite song.


Whiskey Lullaby – Brad Paisley ft. Alison Krauss

I love sad duets and this one is so beautiful!


Space Cowboy – Kacey Musgraves

Once again, it’s sad and I love the instrumentation.


Exile – Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver

This is also sad and the piano in it is just perfect.





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