If you were to write an intro for “Whatcha Gonna Do” before it played on the radio, what would you want listeners to know about the song?

“Whatcha Gonna Do” is Rosewood Ave’s third single penned by none other than Nashville hit songwriters Walker Hayes and Kristian Bush (Sugarland). Whether you’re at home or on the road, Rosewood Ave’s new jam is a fun, energetic and flirty song that you’ll want to crank up!

6 Things You Don’t Know About Us:

“If we ever play the Grand Ole Opry, this is the song “Seven Spanish Angels.” Why did you choose this song?

The song “Seven Spanish Angels” holds a very special place in our hearts. Sabrina’s grandpa is a lifelong country fan and loves Willie Nelson’s music. For years he wanted us to learn his favourite Willie song and we finally did. The special thing about music is that some songs just hit you differently than others and “Seven Spanish Angels” is one of them. In 2020, we recorded a cover video of it that got picked up by Country Rebel and racked up over 1 million views. With all of the amazing feedback we got and traction on the cover, it just confirmed what we were already thinking. “Seven Spanish Angels” is not just a cover, it’s a tribute to family. If we ever get to play the Opry stage, it would be a magical and unforgettable moment that needs a special song and for us, that song is “Seven Spanish Angels.”For the “Whatcha Gonna Do” music video, you wanted 80s Stranger Things vibes with a dash of karaoke fun. Which 80s country songs have most influenced you as artists?

There’s so many great ones! Some of our country favourites from the ‘80s include: “He Stopped Loving Her Today” – George Jones (goosebumps every time), “Whoever’s In New England”- Reba McEntire (we also love Cody Johnson’s cover of this), Grandpa Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days”- The Judds (that story will never get old), You Look So Good In Love”- George Strait (it’s so beautiful, but why is it so sad?), “Seven Spanish Angels”- Willie Nelson/Ray Charles (obvious reasons).

Dream collab with Full Beard Brewing. Fans can listen to your new single while sipping on their limited edition 705 Blonde Ale. You put together a Sippin’ On Summer playlist. What are some of your favorite summertime outdoor activities?

Although we live in Northern Ontario where the main season is Winter, we prefer the Summer and the warm weather that comes with it. In the summer you’ll find us bringing our dog Molly for walks, playing corn hole on the lawn, kayaking and swimming in the lake, hitting the stage as much as possible and of course sipping on our “Whatcha Gonna Do” limited edition craft ale.

Opening for Dean Brody. If you were to put together a dream lineup of fellow Canadian country artists, who would be performing and what venues would you play?

There’s so many amazing and talented Canadian country artists out there but if we were to put together a dream lineup, it would be some of our favourites including Shania Twain, Tenille Arts, Jason McCoy and Steven Lee Olsen. We’re so lucky to have so many amazing venues and festivals right here in Canada. Some festivals we’d hit would include: Boots & Hearts, Lasso and the Calgary Stampede.

Favorite meal to cook together is _____ because _____.

Our favourite meal to cook together is homemade pizza! Dave’s job is to make dough from scratch and once it’s spread out on the pan, Sabrina adds all of the good stuff to it. We could probably eat pizza every day so we try to keep this as a special occasion and always make the most out of it. A.K.A. pouring a nice glass of wine while preparing it. Where do you see yourselves in five years professionally?

In five years professionally, the main goal is to be doing music full time with recognition and fans all over Canada enjoying our music. We also plan on spending more time songwriting in Nashville where the ultimate goal is to make our Grand Ole Opry debut! Most importantly, a happy and loving marriage.

Can you share 12 songs that have influenced your lives and careers?


“Gravity” John Mayer

One of my favorite songs in my teenage years, listened to over 1000 times, that really motivated me and inspired me to take my guitar abilities to the next level.

“He Stopped Loving Her” George Jones

Growing up, George Jones was definitely one of the family favourites that would be playing all the time in the background. It’s later on in life when I fell in love with country music that I realized it had always been there. “He Stopped Loving Her” is my mom’s favorite song and it’s thanks to her that I am such a huge music fanatic today.

“Together Again” Buck Owens

“Together Again” is one of those songs that I remember just listening over and over in my college days and asking myself, “why is every single hair on my arm standing?” It’s a classic that I just never get tired of and that hits the heart every single time.

“Nervous Breakdown” Brad Paisley

One of my biggest idols is my cousin Yvan Petit (guitar for Johnny Reid) who I would ask to play “Nervous Breakdown” every Christmas when he would come down. I always thought it was an impossible song to play after trying to learn it and failing early in my guitar playing days. 18 years later, I can finally play this crazy Brad Paisley jam and it’s a constant reminder that the biggest obstacle to any goal is yourself and anything is possible with hard work and determination.

“Mean to Me” Brett Eldredge

Being such a huge fan of older country music, it took me a long time to give new country music a chance until I discovered Brett Eldredge. I probably spent an entire month listening to his debut EP and at that point I realized that there was still great music being made and I was missing out on it. “Mean to Me” was actually played during our wedding ceremony.

“(If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here!” Shania Twain

This one has a little bit of a funny story to it. When I was about 9 years old, my sister was absolutely obsessed with Shania Twain and had her greatest hits album blaring on repeat. As a younger brother not getting along with their older sister, I told myself that I hated Shania Twain. It stayed that way up until my early twenties where I became obsessed with Country music and decided, “I guess I better give this Shania Twain girl another try.” Today, Shania Twain is probably my favourite female country singer and the fact that she comes from Timmins (an hour away from where we live) is truly an inspiration to us and a reminder that this dream we’re chasing is possible. “(If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here!” is in our current setlist and we don’t plan on taking it out anytime soon!


“Oh, Pretty Woman” Roy Orbison

I had to start with this song. Funny story. This song brings me back in time to when I was around 5 years old. I had a Fisher Price boombox and I was obsessed with this song. So one day, my babysitter brought me for a walk and I had one specific request, “let me listen to “Oh, Pretty Woman” blaring on my boombox.” So there I went, with the boombox on my shoulder like I was in the movies, sunglasses on my face with the sounds of “Oh, Pretty Woman” echoing in town. I’ll never forget that moment. That’s when I decided I was going to be an entertainer.

“From This Moment” Shania Twain

Then enters the music of Shania Twain. Being an aspiring singer from Northern Ontario, this Timmins’ girl playing on the radio had my heart. I was asked to sing a song at a family member’s wedding. This was the first time I was ever going to sing in front of people. “From This Moment On” was the first song I ever learned how to sing, and from that moment on I didn’t stop singing.

Anything Steve Perry (Journey)

My dad was in a local rock band and his bassist dropped off a VHS of Journey’s Greatest Hits. My pre-teen self decided to give it a watch. I then became obsessed with anything Steve Perry. He had the most effortless voice that just soars. I was so in love with his voice that when my friends asked to come over for a sleepover the deal was, “if you watch Journey’s Greatest Hits with me, then sure you can come over.”

“She’s Everything” Brad Paisley

Then at 15 years old, here comes my future husband and music partner, Dave. This song became a special one in University. Dave would take the 5 hour bus ride to come and visit me and told me that he’d listen to “She’s Everything” whenever he missed me because the song describes me perfectly. Then on July 22, 2017 we had our first dance to this song at our wedding.

“You Can Close Your Eyes” Linda Ronstadt

There’s something so effortless about Linda Ronstadt’s voice and ability to capture your heart.

When recording our debut single, “Fool For Love,” I’d listen to this specific song between takes because it just spoke to me and reminded me to sing honestly from my heart. I’ll forever be a Ronstadt fan.

“29” Carly Pearce

Then came the song “29” by Carly Pearce. This song came out at such an important time. It was so refreshing to hear more traditional country vibes in a modern song. It’s truly just 3 chords and the truth. It’s honest and raw. To me, that’s what describes country perfectly.







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