If you were to write an intro for “Heart On The Line” before it played on the radio, what would you want listeners to know about the song?

This past year and a half has been a whirlwind that has left me with many emotions as I have navigated the rollercoaster that has been life lately. There have been many highs and some lows that have left me feeling alone. This song captures all of that. It is a piece of my heart in song form. 

6 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

Second-generation American, grandparents immigrating from Cuba. How has your family’s Cuban heritage influenced you as an artist? 

My Cuban heritage influences me tremendously. Growing up in a Cuban home, we were taught from a young age to live life to the fullest and to appreciate what we have. My grandparents fled communism and oppression, so they taught us to love this country and the life of freedom we have. For this reason, I feel deeply and try to embrace life’s joy and sadness. 

After your grandfather passed away, your dad shared that he was a real Cuban Cowboy. This made you feel even more connected to your country music roots. What were some artists and songs that he shared with you?

My grandfather showed me the musicians they used to listen to back in Cuba: artists like Eliades Ochoa, Beny More, and Celia Cruz. My dad had a huge musical influence on me as well. I grew up listening to his favorite bands, which I also loved bands like U2, Pearl Jam, Creed, Dave Matthews Band, and Green Day. These rock bands have greatly influenced my own sound. 

The Orlando Mendez Band. Started off in the Florida Keys. Which venues are on your bucket list to perform at?

I have so many, but among them are the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, Red Rocks Amphitheater, West Palm Beach Amphitheatre, The Hollywood Bowl, Hard Rock Stadium, and Bridgestone Arena, to name a few. 

The Voice, Season 22, Team Camila (Cabello), Top 20. What advice did she share with you?

She taught me to embrace my falsetto voice and my passion for performance. Before the show, I would rarely ever sing in my falsetto, but Camila showed me how cool and unique it is when I switch from my usual, gritty, deep tone to my falsetto and come back again. She told me it makes me dynamic. She also saw my deep passion for performance and the way I come alive on stage and encouraged me never to lose that spark. 

Forthcoming EP, Where I Am Right Now. The title track references “falling in love, heartbreak, being stuck in the past, and echoes of nostalgia.” Can you share how fans have connected to you sharing your personal journey in your lyrics?

Fans have loved seeing my vulnerability and my raw emotions in my songs. They feel like they are getting a better idea of who I am and the type of music that moves me. I feel like fans are also craving more of my story in my songs and it’s definitely coming…very soon!

What’s ahead?

I have a lot coming in the near future! I have more music coming this year, including my debut EP. I am in the middle of another recording session to have even more music for next year. Next year will be all about taking this show on the road and start touring the nation with my music and my story. 

Can you share 12 songs that have influenced your life and career?

“What Are You Listening To?”- Chris Stapleton

This was one of the first songs I learned to play and sing. It is an incredibly written song and showed me how to take heartbreak and turn it into a well-developed idea/song.

Beautiful Crazy”- Luke Combs

One of my favorite Luke Combs songs.

Daughter”- Pearl Jam

My dad’s favorite Pearl Jam song, which I grew up listening to. It has vivid lyrics that paint a picture with an infectious melody. Eddie Vedder has strongly influenced me as a songwriter. 

“Come Back Song”- Darius Rucker

The first country song I ever fell in love with. This song was my gateway to country music.

Live Like You Were Dying”- Tim McGraw

A song that has influenced the way I live. I sang it as my last performance on The Voice and dedicated it to my late uncle, who had just passed away. It is a special song that fueled an incredibly special moment for me.

Yo No Se Mañana”- Luis Enrique

My favorite Spanish song.

He Went to Paris”- Jimmy Buffett

Another song that taught me how to storytell in my songs.

Gravedigger”- Dave Matthews

A deep, detailed song with great storytelling and influenced me tremendously. It’s also one of my favorite songs to play acoustically.


Whiskey and You”- Chris Stapleton

Incredible song by my favorite songwriter.

“A Little Bit Yours”- JP Saxe

A song that has been my anthem through a few heartbreaks. 

“23”- Sam Hunt

This song also influenced how I write music. It has nostalgic and vivid lyrics that paint a beautiful picture of the past.