If you were to write an intro for “Country Frame of Mind” before it played on the radio, what would you want listeners to know about the song?

The idea of a city guy who secretly dreams at a chance to start over in a small town and leave all the BS behind. Something so many people likely fantasize about..

6 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

New Jersey native. DJ. Entrepreneur. Comedian. Filmmaker. How would the chorus go if you were to write a song about the turning point in your life when you chose to focus on your music career?

Wow, well I’d throw in the hours of training and writing that I do with the focus of getting better and better with each song.

I just made this up for you:

I told the voice in my head

that my singing voice ain’t that bad

that’s it’s never too late to dream

And to be thankful for what you have

Can you share a nostalgic moment in your life that became a song? How difficult is it to put into lyrics such personal feelings?

A moment that stands out is when I was home at my dad’s house and I went into his attic and found so many memories in boxes. Pictures, trophies, etc. It inspired a song called “Take Me On Back.”

I wouldn’t say it’s difficult for me to write that kinda stuff. I actually prefer it as I’m a big mush and love to write songs spewing out my feelings.

You followed “Friend Zone” (your debut single) with “Something About Her,” a song that was penned about your ex-wife. Next came “Sex is My Drug” and “Second Wave of Pain.” What’s a topic you’ve yet to write about that is on your songwriter bucket list?

Love that question. Well I lost my mother to cancer in 2018 and I mention her in “Country Frame of Mind” but I suppose I’d like to pen a song all about her. But I try not to force it. I get ideas all the time so when it feels right it will come to me.

What has been the most challenging part of being a musician to date?

It’s hard to get people to listen to original music. Even family and close friends. I never thought it would be such a challenge to say “hey, can I have 4 minutes of your life to hear a song that I worked on for months and means a lot to me?”

What is a hidden talent of yours that most people don’t know about?

I’m a very good negotiator and business guy. So many people ask me for advice in those areas.

One of your professional goals for 2023 is to:

Put out a musical comedy record & special.

Can you share 12 songs that have influenced your life and career?

Many of my most influential songs are from my childhood so let me reminisce. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

“Good Die Young” Koe Wetzel

“I don’t want to think about tomorrow, what if tomorrow never comes?” What a powerful thought. I love Koe’s spirit and his unforgiving vibe. Admire it so much.

“Pour Some Sugar On Me” Def Leppard

Def Leppard is my favorite band since I was a toddler and although I don’t listen to them much anymore they still retain that title. Deep down I always dreamed to be a star on stage and I remember fondly watching their videos and dreaming it was me singing this song to a wild crowd.

“Don’t Ever Leave” Smile Empty Soul

The Spotify algorithm must have been stalking me because right after some real tough times in my life, this song popped on one day and I connected to it so hard. Never heard of the artist or the song, but apparently they had some success in 2000s. As luck would have it, the band was playing a small local show around that time and I went and remember walking up to the merch table and telling the lead singer how much I connected to his lyrics. That’s what I strive for with my songs too. I want people to feel something powerful.

“No Easy Way Out” Rocky 4 

The Rocky 4 soundtrack in general will make you so pumped up but this song was often on repeat for high pressure situations. Who doesn’t love the feeling of watching the underdog overcome his fears and win!

“Hurricane” Luke Combs

Cranked this song so many times it inspired me as a non country guy who never sang or wrote a song before to believe I could be a country artist.

“Silent Treatment” The Roots

I was a kid and was visiting LA and I saw a newspaper ad about a rap group that used live instruments. I begged my dad to take me to see them. There were 100 people there on like an off night. Now they are Jimmy Fallon’s band!

“Moneytalks” AC/DC 

Saw these guys live and never forgot! Just a fun song that I find myself Crankin’ when I’m feeling good.

“Dancing In The Sky” Dani & Lizzy

I’ve been a wedding DJ for years and a few years ago a bride requested this song to dedicate to her dad who passed away. 

I remember standing in the wedding hall and the song hit the chorus and I absolutely balled my brains out at the emotion and lyrics. It was 2 years after I lost my mom and it brought back that pain instantly. That’s incredible songwriting when it elicits that response.

“Idiot Wind” Bob Dylan

As my mom was dying in the hospital I would ask her if she wanted to hear some music and she requested this song. I put it on my phone and we had a moment where we kinda danced as she sang the lyrics. I will never forget that. My dad is also a huge Dylan fan so I’ve always admired the brilliance of his song writing.

“On and On” Trixter

When I was in high school I got wind that Steve Brown of Trixter had moved to my home town, Ringwood, NJ. It was such a fanboy moment for me because I remembered their songs from MTV. Steve wrote this song about never giving up on his dreams. It connected to me and I would listen to it whenever I had big soccer games and wanted to get motivated. Eventually I ran into Steve and told him how much the song meant to me.

“Hannukah Song” Adam Sandler

As a comedian at heart I always loved this song and how hard it still makes me laugh. Adam Sandler remains one of my biggest inspirations.

“Summer Girls” LFO

A close friend of mine had casually mentioned to me a few times that his best friend’s brother was in a boy band that was gaining steam. I gave it no mind until one day he calls me and says I have front row tickets for us to go to Z100 Jingle Ball to see them play. Suddenly they were huge. I got to hang out with them and it was such a memorable moment and always remained an inspiration that I could do it too one day. They were just regular guys chillin with us backstage but when they walked out, people lost their mind. Was wild to experience first hand.