If you were to write an intro for “Sober” before it played on the radio, what would you want listeners to know about the song?

Thank you for having me! I would want listeners to know, that I wrote this song to help people know that they’re not alone in feeling like they miss someone, even though they know this person is bad for you.  

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6 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

First instrument at age four – a small Casio keyboard your parents found at a garage sale led to classical piano lessons. The Covid pandemic inspired you to write your own music. “It gave me an opportunity to go off on my own tangent. I was able to learn chords and have the building blocks to make songs rather than a masterpiece or something that would take me months to learn.” What is one song you wish you wrote and why?

That’s a great question, when I started writing it was hard for me to let other people know my feelings.  Almost like having a public diary.  During this time of Covid, and getting started with my career, I wish I wrote more about covid, quarantine, and missing friends and family.  This was such a complicated time in everyone’s lives, and I wish I could have documented how I felt about it more.  

Age six, your dad plugged a microphone into an old guitar amp and hosted karaoke nights with you. “Yeah, it was pretty much just my dad and I. I was too shy to even show my mom.” Inspired by Carrie Underwood, it did lead you to start recording vocal covers of your favorite songs and post them on YouTube. Favorite cover song to date?

Karaoke has always been where music took off for me, in particularly vocally. 

I would have to say my favorite cover song on YouTube is “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” I recorded and produced it in November 2021, which is my only originally producing piece of mine still live on streaming platforms!

Growing up on a lake in upstate New York, you were inspired by the synergy between your idyllic surroundings and the outdoorsy pastoral sound of Kenny Chesney“I’ve always been interested in doing country music. Nothing else ever really clicked with me.” First visit to Nashville last year – still in New York as “…the only reason why I’m still here is because I’m sixteen.” Dream venues to play in Nashville?

Yes, Nashville has always been my home away from home!  One of my dreams is to play at the Bluebird Cafe.  I love all the history, and the talent that has been discovered there has been amazing.  It might be just a little cafe, but to me it’s country history. 

Twelve original songs. Turned your bedroom into a home studio – recording and producing a full-length album after teaching yourself the basics of mixing and mastering the songs yourself. “Once I figured it out, I enjoyed every step of it — the singing, the writing, the producing, the releasing — it was like ‘this is something I want to do.’” Signing with Music City based label and distributor Vere Music, founded by Hootie and the Blowfish manager Rusty Harmon. How did you connect to Rusty & Vere Music?

I loved every step of the process, and still do! 

I was looking for music video directors for my 2 singles “Taillights Fade” and “Won’t Be Me” in early summer of 2022. We ended up asking Vere if they had any contacts for directors and ended up working together to sign a deal!  

“Taillights Fade” and “Won’t Be Me” helped you process your own heartbreak. Now you want to work to help other young people work through similar situations. “Especially in this generation with social media, seeing when people are active on their phone, it’s very toxic in a way it didn’t used to be. I just want people to feel like they’re okay.” What are some resources others can use to deal with heartbreak?

Heartbreak it so hard, but 10 times worse in this generation. 

For me it’s music and keeping busy.  I’ve talked about in the past how upbeat breakup songs bring so much confidence to people, which is what I attempted to do with “Taillights Fade.”  But doing the things you love, and that make you happy really has helped me heal.  Anything from working out, hanging with friends or strumming my guitar has really helped me feel like myself again. 

Boating, surfing, and wakeboarding on the lake. Workouts. Skin care and make-up routine. How do you make sure to find balance between your music career and your personal life?

That’s a great question.  My parents have set a great example growing up, and I’ve learned from them.  For the days I have shows, I try to have fun with my friends or family in the morning and then I’m able to balance my personal and work life.  When it comes to weekdays, I’m able to do my school or music work in the morning and go out on the boat at night!

Can you share 12 songs that have influenced your life and career?

Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves

Was the first song that I combined singing and playing piano at the same time, this gave me so much freedom when it came to creativity, it’s made me the artist I am today. 

Doin’ This by Luke Combs

Gives a perspective on how my life would be different if I wasn’t doing music, just like Luke’s perspective.  I would be going to high school, college and graduating. 

Girl Goin’ Nowhere by Ashley McBryde

I have sung for years, it’s inspired me knowing how much Ashley has grown in her career, that I can do that too.  

Damn These Dreams by Dierks Bentley

Shows the perspective of leaving for tour, being away from your family and all the negatives of the music business, which isn’t talked about very much.

Nashville, TN by Chris Stapleton

Is about when the magic wears off of Nashville.  Now it’s more of a tourist/ bachelorette city, instead of being all about discovering talent with the small artists.  

Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers

Is about leaving your hometown and starting fresh, for me I relate to this with Nashville and my career, anything is possible. 

Footprints On The Moon by Gabby Barrett

Tells the story of taking a redeye to Nashville and making it big. Gabby was a small-town girl just like me and watching her talent blow up has been so inspiring. 

Lessons Learned by Carrie Underwood

Gives me comfort that even big stars like Underwood make mistakes, they help us learn, and make us better artists. 

Circles Around This Town by Maren Morris

Is such an inspiration for me. Maren’s story about going to Nashville just to be a songwriter but ending up making is big as an artist is such an inspiring story.  

Rearview Town by Jason Aldean

In my opinion gives the same vibe as “Sleep On The Floor,” looking back on your hometown and learning to start fresh with new opportunities is always so inspiring

Crazy Town by Jason Aldean

Has given me so much adrenaline and excitement about Nashville and country music.  Hearing his perspective on Nashville and doing shows gives me so much motivation to keep working hard

Even If It Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band

I think can be relatable for any artist. There’s always mountains and challenges that we have to overcome but that’s part of any career!