If you were to write an intro for “Make Me Look” before it played on the radio, what would you want listeners to know about the song?

After getting out of a relationship I realized that my ex could go and tell someone, who didn’t know me, that I was absolutely insane, and they would probably believe him. Likewise, he could have also gone and told someone that I was the one who got away, but at the end of the day, I’ll never quite know how he made me look. 

“Made Me Look”

6 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

Pennsylvania based. Writing songs since first grade, what is your creative process for writing songs?

Although I’ve been writing songs for nearly my whole life, writing a song almost never has the same process. Sometimes I’ll hear someone say something that sounds cool to me, and I’ll jot it down in my notes app and turn it into the hook of my song. Other times, I’ll have a melody and develop lyrics around that. Sometimes I’ll have zero ideas but I’m just so in the mood to write a song that I’ll go completely from scratch! I don’t think there’s one way to do it and there’s certainly no wrong way to do it! 

Studying at Lipscomb University in Nashville. How do you find balance while chasing your dreams and dealing with the mental stressors of a music career?

I think a good support system is key! I am so incredibly lucky that all my friends and family support me, if my stressors are beginning to impact my motivation, they become my reason why.

Debut single, “Black Coffee,” followed by “Better as Strangers.” How do these songs showcase you as an artist?

I decided to release “Black Coffee” and then “Better as Strangers” to show my diversity as a singer and a songwriter. I wanted to display my ability to write an upbeat pop-country tune, but also a heart wrenching song dabbling in the indie pop genre. Additionally, both of these songs have a very different vocal tone, and I wanted to showcase my abilities. At the end of the day, while these songs create a great catalog, I also just chose to release both of them because I love them, and they represented pivotal moments in my life. 

Determination. Handling all the behind-the-scenes work, booking venues, running social media, editing videos, and much more. What is the most challenging aspect of the business side of the music industry for you?

One thing that often gets left out when talking about pursuing music is the mass number of emails and DMs you have to send to try to get in contact with people. Throughout my time in Nashville, I’ve made a lot of incredible connections that I am so grateful for, however, I do still struggle with figuring out who to contact for booking certain things. 

What advice would you give to fellow teenagers interested in pursuing a music career?

I would say never fear rejection or asking. I live by the saying “the answer is always no unless you ask.” There will be lots of highs and lows while you are in this industry, but you never know who might say yes to you, and the worst you could get is a no which lands you right back to where you started. There are so many kind people who are willing to help, don’t let fear of rejection stop you from chasing your dreams. 

What are your hobbies and interests outside of music?

I am a big nature person and I love going on hikes, especially with friends and family because it is a great way to spend quality time with loved ones. While music takes up most of my time, I truly love all things that let me explore the creative part of my mind, from painting and drawing to physically creating something. However, at the end of the day, spending time with my loved ones is something I could never get tired of and will never take for granted. 

Can you share 12 songs that have influenced your life and career?

 “Tear Drops on My Guitar” Taylor Swift

This song heavily influenced my career because this was one of the songs that told me it was possible for a young girl to not only be in the music industry but perform well in the country genre. 

“Home” Dierks Bentley

This song has influenced my life because no matter what stage of life I am in, this song reminds me that there is nothing more important on this Earth than my family. It makes me feel so loved and like my family is physically right beside me even when they’re hundreds of miles away. 

“Mr Brightside” The Killers

This song is one everyone recognizes the moment it comes on. This song inspires me to write music that brings people together, when this song comes on people just start jamming out, and a song like that is something I aspire to write one day!

“How Great is Our God” Chris Tomlin

At the end of the day, my life and everything I have all comes back to the Lord and this song was a huge part of my childhood and truly shaped parts of my life. 

“Overdue” Jillian Jacqueline

The very first time I came to Nashville my family and I went to the Bluebird Cafe where Jillian Jacqueline was performing. That night I left singing her songs (this was one of them) and had the epiphany that that was one of the coolest things I had ever witnessed. That night added fuel to the fire, and I have not stopped chasing my dream! 

“Fine Line” Harry Styles

While “Fine Line” is a rather new song, the instrumental portion of that song dabbles in unique time signatures and that had a big impact on my music. It reminded me that there is not box or perimeters that an artist must stay in when creating something new. 

“Buy Dirt” Jordan Davis ft. Luke Bryan

As a songwriter there will always be songs that I hear that move to me to a completely different level and make me wish I had written the song. This is one of those songs where it feels like every line is perfect and inspires me to keep fine tuning my craft.

“Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” Hillsong UNITED

This song influenced my life because it was my number one go to song at the time in my life where my religion became my own. This song represents a pivotal time in my life. 

“Life Changes” Thomas Rhett

This song inspires me daily. It is a constant reminder that good things take time, but also can change all at once. When I hear this song, it is like motivation in my ears. 

“Livin’ On a Prayer” Bon Jovi

I remember hearing this song from such a young age and it was always miraculous to me how influential it was and how it could light up a room. 

“Bloodstream” Ed Sheeran

This song is so influential to me because in my mind it represents the uniqueness of an artist. Ed Sheeran’s music is so one-of-a-kind, and this song encapsulates what it’s like to create your own sound, and, throughout my career, that has inspired me. 

“Still Into You” Paramore

When I was in middle school, I was in a rock band, and this was the ambitious song that I chose to sing. This was one of the first opportunities I had to perform onstage in a non-classical music setting and the experience confirmed that performing was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 





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