Born on Merle Haggard’s birthday of April 6th, Jenny Grace embodies the untamed spirit which country music was built on. A wide-eyed kid turned into a mature young woman who served her country at the age of 18. Following four years of army intelligence service and with inspiration from country greats Reba McEntire, Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood, Jenny began writing music and perfecting her voice. Her journey and desire to bring her own grit to country music is reflected in her upcoming 2022 album.

Branded by some in the music industry as having the dichotomy of the mystical soul of Stevie Nicks and the classic, wholesome, heart of Dolly Parton, Jenny is creating a name for herself with her classic voice, prolific storytelling, hard work and dedication. Her musical debut in 2019 on WSM-AM (Grand Ole Opry Radio) launched live performances at Jamfest, Sailfest, Yellow Ribbon Fund, and the Nashville VA Medical Center. She was nominated in several categories for the 2019 Josie Music Awards and is currently nominated for “Album of the Year” (for her collaboration with Danny McMahon) for the 2022 British Country Music Awards. Jenny released her current single “Ghost” on October 28, 2022.



Six Things You May Not Know About Me…

1. I ride motorcycles.
2. I am a combat veteran having served in the army as an interrogator.
3. I have golden retrievers.
4. I write all my own music.
5. I used to be a child actor.
6. I work as a model as well. 


Twelve Songs That Have Impacted My Life And Career…


“He Walked on Water” – Randy Travis

This song is truly inspiring and showed me as a child how powerful country music was and how deep the message goes.


“Yellow” – Coldplay

This is a timeless love song that is so simple, but truly beautiful. Coldplay is one of my favorite bands and Chris Martin’s songwriting has been a huge inspiration to me.


“From This Moment On” – Shania Twain

Simple writing, but perfection with Shania’s tone and emotive storytelling.


“She’s Not Just A Pretty Face” – Shania Twain

This inspired me as a young girl. It made me want to be so much more than a pretty face.


“Jesus Take the Wheel” – Carrie Underwood

A great story of faith and the power of believing. Showed me you can write about Jesus and people will resonate.


“Don’t Know Why” – Norah Jones

Such simple singing and writing, but the mood is so pure. Also showed me the power of simple singing to convey emotion with tone.


“Don’t Speak” – No Doubt

So sad and emotive in Gwen’s voice. Great songwriting, this showed me how to write on a particular theme.


“I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston

Dolly Parton wrote it. This song is a powerful song and was great practice for me vocally as a child.


“Let It Be” – The Beatles

This was great practice to sing and play piano when I was younger. The Beatles use some pretty interesting chord structures.


“Candle in the Wind” – Elton John

This song hit hard when Princess Diana died. I was a kid and I know it was intended for Marilyn Monroe, but it made me really sad as a kid hearing it.


“Every Breath You Take” – The Police

I heard this song when I was teenager. It made me believe in a great love.


“Fields of Gold” – Sting