If you were to write an intro to “Caged” featuring Shay Watson before it was played on the radio, what would you like listeners to know about the song?

The song “Caged” is the narration of an unrequited love. Boundless love that shows the greatness of love, but it is one-sided and unfair. I can say about this song that a bird naturally loves nature and flying, a cage is the biggest cruelty to birds, even if that cage is the safest place in their life. They should not be limited; it is the same with humans and love. Love should cause growth, liberation, and freedom, not deprivation and limitation! You should live romantically. I hope this song will be liked by dear listeners.

6 Things You Don’t Know About Me questions:

What is your proudest achievement to date?

I was blessed to be able to have many collaborations with world music greats. And I worked with prominent television channels. My greatest achievement is creating works that are taken from the depths of my being and feelings. What achievement is higher than feeling happy? I am happy because I have God’s eyes and I am grateful.

“When I play an instrument, I feel blessed.” Are there instruments you want to learn to play?

Playing an instrument has always been pleasant for me and is associated with good and blessings. Familiarity with classical instruments is necessary for every musician, but it is not necessary to play all instruments professionally, and my specialized instrument is the guitar.Life Goes On. How did you choose the three artists (Ella Hartt, Jenny Teator, Sarah Rebecca) to collaborate with on the EP?

Interesting question! Shay Watson and I were looking for singers and artists to join us. I followed the music of these singers. I think they are amazing! Watson and I agreed. Watson offered them a collaboration, and they accepted the album, which was released with four songs.

In terms of overall composition, what do you look for in your favorite songs and why?

I listen to different music. Music should be deep and make the listener think. Of course, this is my personal opinion. For me, a song should have harmony, correct arrangement of chords, proper composition, musicality, and atmospheric atmosphere, which of course successful works in the world have these features.

What is your favorite food?

Definitely Iranian food! I am an Iranian and as you know, Iranian food is famous in the world and has a high value. Iran has an ancient history and culture. If you have never eaten Iranian food, you must try it. It’s amazing!

What are your hobbies?

Reading books, watching good movies, listening to good music, going to nature, and being inspired by good and positive things. There are valuable things in the world to be happy.

Can you share 12 songs that have influenced your life and career?

Beethoven’s Symphonies

I believe you can live with this music for years. There is a strange sadness and euphoria in them, and they have a hidden secret that cannot be discovered or described. they are amazing!

Love Theme From The Godfather

The love theme from the movie The Godfather is one of those songs that has a lot to say.

Papillon Soundtrack

The soundtrack of the movie Papillon is extremely beautiful. It seems that it is more than music. It is the music that has given the film its identity, and this means the magic of music!

 “Nothing Else Matters” Metallica

When I heard this song, I was a teenager, and my soul flew away. Everything is strangely in place. They are unique.

“Shape of My Heart” Sting

How can a melody be so attractive and romantic while repeating itself? Really nice!

“Hello” Lionel Richie

 A romance full of ups and downs and a masterpiece.

“Without You” Mariah Carey

I can only say that it is one of the best in the world and you can listen to it for hours!

Songs of Shay Watson

This great artist, with whom I had the honor of working, has created and performed unique songs and I am a fan of all his songs, and they inspire my mind and heart. He is unique and amazing!

“Hotel California” The Eagles

A beautiful yet mysterious melody. I always liked this song and played it on the guitar.

The songs of Jenn Bostic

She has a wonderful voice and is a good musician.

“Imagine” John Lennon

He was a wonderful and unique artist. This song gives me a feeling like walking on the beach sand and looking at the calm sea.

My own songs 🙂

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