If you were to write an intro for “When It Rains” before it played on the radio, what would you want listeners to know about the single?

What I’d love to have said about “When It Rains” before it plays is how it’s a record made with the idea of ‘bridging the old with the new’ in country music. That, to me, is what makes this single great. 

6 Things You Don’t Know About Me:Are you from a musical or artistic family?

I am from neither a musical or artistic family. My sister and two cousins, who happen to be brothers play instruments, but no one from before my generation. 

Favorite place to write songs when you are at home in West Virginia?

My favorite place to write songs would have to be on the four-wheeler out in the woods. Sounds like it would be distracting, but that’s pretty much been a constant since I started riding at a young age. 

Something you were embarrassingly late to realize?

I’ll have to get back to you on this one…

My favorite cuisine is ___, especially ___.

Mexican! Especially the molcajete with grilled veggies, chicken, and chorizo. 

My pet peeve is ___.

My pet peeve is people not using their blinker. 

The most amazing place I’ve ever been is ___ because it ___.

The most amazing place I’ve ever been is a 1000+ acre trail in Clay County, WV, where me and some friends hauled our ATVs to ride all day; and near the end of the trail, there was this flat, open area, with ramps big and small, with enough room to top out our quads. I was in heaven that day. 

Can you share 12 songs that have influenced your life and career?

“Love a Little Stronger” Diamond Rio

This is one of the first country songs I ever listened to, and I can still remember how it made me feel, even all those years ago. 

“Let’s Stay Together” Al Green

A timeless masterpiece. This smash helped me see how high the bar could be set on how to emote in song. 

“That Ain’t No Way to Go” Brooks & Dunn

The way so much was being said with so little, mixed with Ronnie’s tear-inducing crooning made this song one of my go-to’s as a teen growing up. 

“Sailing” Christopher Cross

It’s hard not to feel something when I hear this song. It’s one of those true escapism lullabies that made me believe in the goodness of people just a little bit more after hearing it. 

“Been There” Clint Black featuring Steve Wariner

This song taught me not to beat myself up so much, and just try to learn from my mistakes. It’s a song about not always being your best self but knowing you’re not alone in the struggle. 

“No More Looking Over My Shoulder” Travis Tritt

A prodigal son type song with a rockin’, positive spin on overcoming your fears. I lived out quite a bit of teenage angst through this song. 

“Pretty Little Adriana” Vince Gill

This song just takes me back to life on my grandma and grandpa’s farm where I would find a hill to climb up on and bask in how good life was at that time. 

“Pray For The Fish” Randy Travis

One of my earliest memories of singing in church growing up. A fun, lighthearted song about not leaving out the depth dwellers. 

“In Another World” Joe Diffie

This one’s about getting caught up in hopeless daydreams. I just think that idea is extremely relatable, and this song definitely inspired me to sing. 

“Winner At A Losing Game” Rascal Flatts

I remember this song being extremely helpful during some hard times. Such a soulful, tender vocal that made you not mind wallowing in the pain. 

“Shameless” Garth Brooks

One of my all-time favorites. I wanted to be Garth after listening to this song. 

“You Leave Me Weak” Toby Keith

This song grabbed ahold of me when I first heard it. My heart was dead set on doing music after hearing how intimate a country music vocal could be. 

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