If you were to write an intro for “Dandelion” before it played on the radio, what would you want listeners to know about the single?

Have you ever mistaken a weed for a flower? I think we all have at some time in our lives. We see something beautiful without realizing it’s toxic. “Dandelion,” the new single by Cali Tucker, tells the story of a country crusader out to protect against a toxic people in disguise aka a “dandelion.” Do you know of a dandelion, and have you blown them away? 

6 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

My fondest childhood memory is … 

running around the fairgrounds in Nashville during Fan Fair in the 90’s. 

The most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me was …

I was on an Alaskan cruise with my mom and played Bingo with about 250 other passengers and didn’t realize that we had changed the game from regular BINGO to BLACKOUT BINGO and I thought I won $72K so I yelled “BINGO” at the top of my lungs only for everyone to all at once start laughing at me cause I clearly did not get a blackout bingo….you had to have been there….very embarrassing.

The best advice I ever received was …

I always got advice like “never give up” and “don’t stop following your dreams” but I think the best advice is what I say to myself everyday which is “success is the greatest revenge.”

Would you agree that it is very important to learn, study, and understand the old music and music history?

It’s not necessarily important but why wouldn’t you want to immerse yourself in the music, lyrics, stories, melodies, and history that came before. It will only make you a more well-rounded artist in your own style and artistry.

In terms of the overall composition, what is your favorite song and why?

“Urban Cowboy” is without a doubt my favorite I’ve ever written and I can’t wait to release it! It all fell together so naturally. I had asked God to bring me clarity prior to writing this and with his help the words and story came together, creating a fun, mythical love story exactly how I wanted.

A contest you won … 

Miss Teen All American 2000 in Miami, FL up against 150 contestants from all over the world.

Can you share 12 songs that have influenced your life and career?

“Blue” LeAnn Rimes

“Como La Flor” Selena

“Semi-Charmed Life” Third Eye Blind

“Push” Matchbox 20

“Black Velvet” Alannah Myles

“I Put A Spell On You” Nina Simone

“You Get What You Give” New Radicals

“Dreams” Fleetwood Mac

“You’ve Got A Way” Shania Twain

“Ride” Lana Del Rey

“Crazy” Patsy Cline

“The Best Is Yet To Come” LaCosta Tucker

This is a very small list compared to the many songs that inspire who I am as an artist. Growing up I listened to nothing but country music, soft rock, and oldies but when I became a teen I was introduced to pop, alternative rock, and hip hop and that really changed the game for me. I was in love with so many stylings and knew that I was going to somehow incorporate pieces of each into my music and pave a new path for my love of country music in my own unique way.

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