Six Things You May Not Know About Me…

When I was a child, I actually wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved dogs, but when I found out they work on other animals too, I decided I didn’t want to be a vet anymore. When I was little  I also wanted to be (and really thought I was) Spiderman for a short period of time.


My favorite dessert is Phish Food ice cream by Ben & Jerry’s. But really anything chocolate!



The first concert I ever attended Oasis when I was 2 years old.


If I could have one superpower, I would choose teleportation. You could literally travel the world in seconds, whenever you want.


My first Twenty One Pilots concert has to be one of my favorite memories – especially as it relates to my music career. It was such a pivotal moment where I knew that I wanted to influence people and make people feel how their music made me feel. I remember the music fueling my own purpose, and I wanted to use my music to do the same for other people.


Arlie is a local band that has really inspired me as a songwriter and artist. Nathaniel Banks is their lead vocalist and primary songwriter, and one day he messaged me on Instagram to tell me he liked my songwriting. Coming from someone that I really look up to as an artist, it’s  one of the most  flattering and memorable compliments I’ve ever received.


Twelve Songs That Have Influenced My Life and Career…

Truce – Twenty One Pilots

It’s beautifully written and the lyric “the sun will rise and we will try again” always helps when I’m feeling down.


Bambi – Hippo Campus

This song single handedly helped me through so much of what I was going through my Sophomore year of college. I related to the lyrics  so much and it’s still one of my favorite songs of all time.


Tossing and Turning – Arlie

While there are a few Arlie songs that I could put on this list, this song lyrically gets to the root of so many internal battles for me as an artist. It’s skillfully written and the melody is just so fun and catchy.


I Don’t Wanna Dance – Arlie

Every song on Coin’s How Will You Know If You Never Try album could be on this list, but the lyrics on top of this  masterfully produced record is just too good. I hope to write a song with this type of production style one day.
Doin’ This – Luke Combs

Luke Combs is a huge inspiration for me as a songwriter and this song is no exception. As an artist, I relate to everything he says in this song and it makes me emotional every time I listen.


The Weight – The Band

I think this is such a sweet song and I can’t help but song along every time I hear it.


Pinball Wizard – The Who

My dad took us to see The Who when we were younger and, for a long time, “Pinball Wizard” was my favorite song.


Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton

I’m not the biggest fan of love songs, but this one is just so beautifully written and performed. The Chris Stapleton version is my favorite to listen to.
Wysteria – Nordista Freeze

Nordista Freeze is such an icon in the local scene and industry in general. This song in particular is so well-written and it reminds me of the time I played at a music festival called “Wysteria,” put on by the band Arlie.


Let It Be – The Beatles

My dad’s favorite band is The Beatles and he always played their music for me growing up. It definitely influenced my desire to be a writer.


Fly with Me – The Jonas Brothers

I still remember going to the Jonas Brothers concert in 2009 and having the most magical time. I listened to this song for hours at a time that year and would cry every time I listened.


What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

Of course I couldn’t end the list without mentioning a band that literally took over my 11-12 year old life. Although I don’t listen to their music anymore, One Direction was such a huge influence in my life before I even knew I wanted to make music of my own. And obviously, like so many other pre-teens at the time, I was a huge fan girl!


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