Lindsey Hinkle is a self-taught musician armed with resonating lyrics that are filled with insight into the human condition, as well as haunting and penetrating vocals that seem to echo mercilessly inside your head.

In December 2021, Hinkle was mentioned in People magazine for co-writing Drake White’s “Power of a Woman” alongside her lifelong friend Kelli Johnson. The song has had several millions of plays on Spotify alone since it’s release.

Since the release of “Power of a Woman,” she has decided to embark on her own journey recording, producing, mixing, and releasing her first full-length album that has been literally a lifetime in the making, hoping for its release by the fall of 2023.

What traditions do you most fondly recall from your childhood?

Every year my mom would let me sit in her lap and she’d read The Night Before Christmas (the Garfield version). Dad and I would always watch my favorite movie Its a Wonderful Life and if mom ever wanted to change it we would always respond with “we’ve never seen it all the way through” even though we most certainly had. Christmas Day, after presents were opened and toys removed from their plastic jail by my brother’s pocket knife, my dad and I would go on an “adventure” behind my Meemaw’s house. Years later I’d learn that was called “hiking” and I’ve loved hiking ever since.

What was your favorite holiday family activity?

My brother telling stories from our childhood. Every year things are added or taken away, but I’m ALWAYS laughing to tears. He is still the best story teller I know.

Is there a dish you always associate with Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Debbie Hinkle’s almond brittle. We call it “Christmas crack.” We used to spell it with a “k”, but we’re fancier now.

What is your most magical Christmas memory?

Santa writing me letters on the back of an envelope addressed to my dad in my dad’s handwriting telling me what a good girl I was that year.

Which songs would be the top five on your holiday playlist?

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” for all five. Please and thank you. On repeat every Christmas and still never gets old.