After a full year of producing and releasing music on his own, Stu Basham has spent the last bit of summer working with producer Blake Mohler on a sentimental mid tempo love song that can be compared to the likes of “Die a Happy Man” or “Bless the Broken Road.” 

Basham wrote the new track “Road to Heaven” towards the end of 2022 and has been holding onto it until just the right time. He found his producer in July and immediately hit it off with him to produce this heartwarming track about connecting spiritually with his wife. Basham says, “I know that Jesus is the Way and the Truth,” pointing out that his faith is firm but the road to HIS kind of heaven is driving home to the love of his life.

With lyrical gems sprinkled throughout this track like “I think I just saw the light on the porch left on for me…..girl you know I get baptized every kiss just washes me clean,” fans will experience how he feels about his wife and coming home to a “4 walled paradise.” It doesn’t need to be a street paved in gold to know that he’s got his own little slice of heaven right where he is.

Basham will continue to produce more radio ready tracks in the coming months and will build on the success of his latest releases.