Niverville, Manitoba, Canada native.

Granddaughter of Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer Ray St. Germain. Your journey from Manitoba to the Canadian country music scene is inspiring. Your music often carries a sense of place and belonging. How has your upbringing in Manitoba influenced your creative expression?

Well, it’s cold out and we get pretty bored staying at home so there’s more time for writing.

Seriously though I just feel blessed that Manitoba has an insane music scene and growing up with a musical family I always had a lot of opportunity to get on a stage and practice harmonies and each opportunity lead to the next which eventually brought me here!

Every artist faces setbacks. Can you share a specific hurdle you overcame on your musical journey, and how did it shape you as an artist?

I like to say I’m the most confident insecure person. I’m also an introvert at heart, and when you put yourself out there, lyrics, voice, presence and energy it can take a toll on my mind. I get in my head about if I sounded or looked good or if I said something silly that someone took the wrong way. I’ve had to learn to just be ok showing up as myself and people can take me or leave me.

Mom, three young boys. Advocate and spokesperson for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society“Life throws curve balls at EVERYONE at some point or another and the truth is no one knows how life’s gonna turn out. It’s how we choose to deal that’ll shape our character and that of our children.” What impact do you want your music to have on the world?

I hope my music teaches just 1 person to be brave and go for it. I decided to have the courage to start writing my own songs and recording shortly after I realized I was raising my sons, specifically Bash my oldest with Down syndrome, telling them they can do anything if they work hard and try their best but I was sitting on the sidelines wishing on my own dreams. It was time for me to go first and be that example for them.

Emerging artist. You’ve collaborated with talented artists like Brett Kissel and Dallas Smith. What do you enjoy most about collaborating, and how do these experiences influence your own artistry?

Well as much as I wish this were true I have yet to collaborate with Brett or Dallas! But the writers of my new song coming January 19th have worked with the biggest names in country and I am I suppose linked that way. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. I related to it so much and I know others will too!

“It’s a different kind of pressure being a woman in the music industry.” As a woman in country music, have you faced any specific challenges or experiences? How do you navigate the industry while staying true to your artistic vision?

I’ve been a singer professionally for 15 years now and I’ve kind of heard it all. Whether being to my face or behind my back. The weight, the looks, the pitch etc. honestly, I’m thankful for it. Every bit of criticism, constructive or not, has turned me into who I am today and how I want to be. How I want other women to feel. And it’s shaped me as an artist to say EFF IT, and we’re awesome and WORTHY showing up as ourselves.

Recognition from the Manitoba Country Music Awards. How does this recognition feel, and what impact do you think it will have on your career?

It has been such an honour to get to be a small part and to take home the emerging artist award in 2023. I love to watch the other artists and what they’re doing and just cheer them on and to stand up there myself was surreal. I know I can make Manitoba proud, and again to stand in that circle with all these insanely talented Manitoba musicians and artists feels amazing.

“The Day Gets Too Long,” written by Emma Dash LeeAlyssa MicaelaPhil Barton. You shared that the second you heard it you related to it. Can you share an instance where something seemingly ordinary sparked a creative breakthrough for you?

Yes! The song is just about feeling so productive in the mornings and as time goes on we get distracted, emotions get the best of us and the day gets too long. How many times have I woke up, had my coffee, wrote a giant to do list and crossed off like 1 thing by 7pm and beat myself up about it!! lol this song is a nod to us that you’re not alone if that’s you too!

What are some of the most meaningful interactions you’ve had with your fans? How do you cultivate and cherish your connection with your audience?

I played a show this past summer and this little boy came up to me and asked for my autograph on his cowboy hat. Just the excitement in his eyes made my year. To have someone ask for your autograph is something I don’t take lightly but for it to be someone so young, seemingly the same age as my sons watching a concert and being impacted by it enough to want my chicken scratch was awesome. It makes you feel like you really made it ya know?

Do you have any hidden talents or skills that might surprise your fans?

Well, I’m not sure it’s hidden but my biggest talent outside of music is my “momager” title! I love to bake bread for my family, cook meals and keep the house organized and life. I am the volunteer coordinator for the “Baby Love” events with the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society that happen twice a year for our entire community. We shuffle our older boys to hockey, piano lessons and the occasional photoshoot or audition and I schedule all the things. Moms are heroes and I like to think I’ve gotten pretty decent at balancing it all these days. The key is giving yourself grace on “the days that get too long” haha and my husband is also an amazing help at running the tight ship I like to run.

Raised garden box for Christmas. Favorite homemade recipe you’ve prepared using ingredients from your own garden?

So this is new for me! I had some herbs last year and I only got chives but as soon as the weather calms down in Manitoba I plan on trying my hand at a garden box! My goal is some strawberry plants or raspberry bushes cause my kids eat like $30 a day in fruit and I can’t keep up.

Beyond music, what are some of your passions and interests that bring you joy or influence your creativity?

It sounds silly but I know when to recharge. Life’s busy and I had to learn when my body is telling me I need extra sleep or rest and again I am so blessed to have such a village helping me out with my kids and supporting me that sometimes I just need to take a step back to come back even more creative and ready. It’s not always possible but an extra 2–3 hours of sleep or quality time with my family just chillin for this mama goes a long way for my productivity!



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