A native of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 18 miles from downtown Philadelphia. Split time between the baseball field, your family’s barbecue restaurant, and the local country radio station (92.5 WXTU), where you worked as an intern. The area has many historical sites, family attractions, a vibrant arts scene, shopping malls, golf, outdoor activities, and more. Where are your favorite spots to visit when you get a chance to go home?

Vassar College, studied on a vocal music scholarship and captained the baseball team to First Team All-Conference honors. How did you choose Vassar to attend?

 Relocated to Music City in 2019 and, in-between baseball seasons, developed an impressive network of co-writers and collaborators leading to 12+ professional cuts. Favorite songwriters rounds to date?

In 2020, won season 7 of the Nashville Rising Song talent search competition with “Case of Corona,” “Backyard Beach,” “Mile Marker Zero,” and “Any Day Now.” How did this competition impact your career?

 In September 2021, made history when you came out and became the only out gay active professional baseball player in the United States. What was the deciding factor to come out at that time?

 Shortly after coming out, founded Proud to Be in Baseball, a nonprofit organization that supports and encourages young LGBTQ+ athletes. How can LGBTQ+ youth apply for mentorship programs?

 Out 100, Changing the Game in Sports. How has your background in sports also helped you as a songwriter?

 “Left Field.” The best left fielder of all-time and why?

“The Standouts.” How can teachers best create a safe and welcoming environment for all students?

Pre-Save “Baseball Country” by Bryan Ruby

“Baseball Country,” …  Incorporating your love of rock and roll into this new, hard-driving single. Co-written with Chad SellersShane David Smith, the song is expected to be the perfect kickoff to baseball season and continue as a fan favorite throughout the summer of 2023 and beyond. Most fitting player walk-up songs and why?