Growing up in Houston, TexasAllison Asarch discovered her love for music at a young age. As a child, she would perform at her grandparents’ annual Christmas talent show, but it wasn’t until she reached the 4th grade that she knew she wanted to make a career out of it.

“My music teacher, Ms. Teagarden, had everyone singing and smiling…including the boys! I loved the joy music brought to me and everyone else.” Raised on powerhouse vocalists like Tina TurnerShania Twain, and Freddie MercuryOtterbein University’s School of Music in Westerville, Ohio, where you taught yourself how to play guitar, took piano lessons, sang in the choir, trained in classical opera, and traveled to Ireland and Germany to perform. An advocate for female empowerment, you are building your team around talented women. “I know there are wonderfully accomplished women who play instruments, sing backup vocals, produce, and create. I want to help shine a light on those women and organizations the best I can!” How is it especially important for female artists to be involved in all aspects of their music?

It is SO important to have women involved with everything I do because I think we can get the job done better and faster. Hehe.. But in all seriousness, I believe women coming together work better as a team and are better problem solvers. I’ve been manifesting a full female band for quite some time and I think I have just found my crew! I will be playing a backyard show in Nashville in September, and I thought, hmm, let’s see if I can get any other women musicians to collaborate with me. I posted on one of the music pages I’m in on Facebook. Within a couple of hours, I got responses from guitarists, a bassist, a keys player, two drummers, and a saxophonist! All I need will be a fiddle player and I’m set!

The world we live in is still a man’s world… that doesn’t sit well with me. I think it’s important that other female artists work together and help lift each other up! I was told that when I turn 30, I won’t be able to make it into the music industry anymore because I will “look and be too old.” I have been told I look 17 ever since I turned 21, so all those men can just take a seat! I’m not going anywhere. 🙂 This music thing is what I was born to do and I will continue to succeed and grow from that negativity I receive.

“They say it’s a 10-year town … you bet I’ma make it in less than that.” Moved to Nashville four years ago.

Heavily influenced by Taylor Swift — your first single, “Taylor Made.” Appeared on the Netflix show, Sing Out, and won.

This led to releasing “Sippin’ on Somethin’,” “Summer Style,” “Cotton Dress,” “Neon Nobody” and “Midnight Daydream.” Now performing country music and classic rock n roll on Broadway with your band on Nashville’s legendary strip of honky-tonks.

You shared that your debut album, Texas to Tennessee, is a great introduction for you as an artist. Can you share a fan story on how your music has impacted their lives?

I work at The Pancake Pantry in Nashville and have for three years. Throughout my time there, I’ve been fortunate enough to make relationships with regulars and tourists alike. I tell many of them about my musical journey and I have them pull their phones out to follow me on social media and wherever they stream music. A few weeks ago, I was waiting on a table that had these two guys and a couple. Like always, I ask if they’ve been in before and the couple said yes, but the two guys were new. When it was time for me to bring them their check, I told them “No rush! You’ll pay up front when y’all are ready! Have a fantastic rest of your day!” Before I walked away, the couple stopped me and said, “Can you take a picture with the boys? They love your song “Summer Style” and are huge fans of you.” Of course I said yes! This was the first time anyone truly recognized me! The couple said I waited on them about a year ago and they followed my music on Spotify. I told the boys that I have a music video for “Summer Style” too. They told me they knew and loved watching it as well! I was so in shock and loved that I had fans!! They were so sweet and I was so excited they had the courage to say something. I’m super excited to continue to have these moments when I go on tour this fall!

Nominated for Rising Star of the Year at The Josie Music Awards. Local writer’s rounds. “Many things bring me joy, but one thing in particular is writing a great song.” Your songwriting is influenced by fellow Texans, Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris. Lambert was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2022, while Morris has been honored with many accolades herself. What stands out for you about their songwriting?

I love how raw and real their lyrics are. What I also love is how many songs that they have written that aren’t even out! As a songwriter, you’re told to write every day or write at least 100 songs to have a catalog. I know these ladies have many that aren’t out that have made them the songwriters they are today.

I also love that their co-writing is so so wonderful. Miranda’s latest album The Marfa Tapes is written with two of her co-writers, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall. She’s also in The Pistol Annies, a female trio that have killer songs as well.

Maren Morris is lucky to be married to Ryan Hurd, who is for sure one of my favorite writers in town. Maren’s music is also co-written by some amazing women writers. She’s part of The Highwomen, which includes Brandi CarlileNatalie Hemby, and Amanda Shires. These women all are songwriters and I truly think have helped Maren grow not only as a writer, but as an artist. If you surround yourself with like-minded people, you can accomplish what you want a lot faster than if you surround yourself with people that don’t motivate you to be better. I think Miranda and Maren have come a long way over the years and the more they release original music that they’ve written, I think the better artists they’ve become!

Playing Bonnaroo“I may be on the littlest stage this year, but one day I’ll be on that big one!” Highlight of performing at the music festival this year?

There is just something magical about Roo — the people, the atmosphere, the heat, the positivity! Whenever I see a show, I always take mental notes from each performance: what they say, how they interact with their audience, how the crowd responds, and, obviously, to see if they sound pretty close to the recordings. I have decided to create my all female band, but by becoming a country rock artist, with jam band elements. There are so many great stories to tell and I love that I have the ability to do that through my songwriting. Performing, I feed off the energy of the audience and want them to have left the show feeling better than when they came into the show! I want them to be able to engage with me by building a sense of community throughout their experience with other audience members that are strangers. Bonnaroo has that skill of creating this sense of home and community that is unbelievable until you’re involved with it. Like I said, it was a very small stage, but someday I will be talking about my many memories I have from attending Roo on the main stages in CenterRoo.

Help Allison Asarch Embark on Her First Tour!

You have started a Go Fund Me for your The Backyard Tour to help cover costs for equipment, travel, fees, press, and more. “This tour will be an intimate experience with me, LIVE up-close and personal! I have loved attending private concerts in the past, and I want to be able to bring my music to you, not just you listening on your radio. As an independent artist, touring is crucial to connecting with my fans and connecting with the new fans I’ll make along the way.”

One stop will be at the Tiki Cove in Tampa, Florida, on October 8. What do you have planned for this headlining show?

Yes! Thank you! I am SO excited to be going on tour! It truly is a dream come true to be able to visit different cities singing my music and meeting new fans along the way! I’m pumped to be performing in Tampa (at the Tiki Cove) in October! I get to play for four hours and basically play a Broadway set, but with my originals placed throughout. The bar is on a sandbar, so I’ll get to soak up the sun and truly feel like it’s summer…even though it will be fall. I am so looking forward to that! I’m also excited to see who will show up. Tampa is a fun town and I’m hoping to make my friends come to town for the show!

Whataburger’s spicy ketchup and honey butter chicken biscuits. Washing them down with local craft beers. For fans visiting Nashville, which breweries do you suggest they check out when they are in town?

I recently just attended the Preds Craft Beer Fest and it was amazing!! So many awesome beers to try and there were even some breweries that were just at-home brewers! They don’t even have a specific location yet, other than home brewing in their homes. I thought that was super super cool. Jackalope for sure is one of my favorites! Lovebird is my favorite beer with them and, when they have events, they have an outdoor area so you can bring your fur babes! They usually have some food trucks out there with a DJ or live music. It is always a good time! Another Nashville brewery I’d recommend is Fat Bottom Brewing. Again, you can bring your pups! TailGate Brewery has become one of favorites now as well. They have so many events there and the pizza is delicious!

Adopting your dogs, Maggie Mae and Rory, from the Nashville Humane Society. Favorite places to explore with them?

For sure the breweries I mentioned above! They are both kind of the worst pups on the leash, but we’re working on it! The Stones River Greenway is near my house and I hope to be able to walk them there one day. It’s a very nice walk through the trees and by the dam. Slowly getting them trained (hehe), but they’re still the best pups ever! Luckily for us, we have a dog park that is right behind our backyard. The girls love to just run around there and then, if it gets too hot, they come right back to the gate 🙂