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Donna Block


CEO | Writer

Rarely do I write from a personal perspective. My ‘voice’ is heard through the words I choose to type but I don’t connect them, in print, to my own life. For this feature I digress to disclose I am a fan. A fan of Carly Pearce. Her music! Recently I saw her perform live for the first time at Stagecoach. After her set she chatted with fans. Did I mention it was a more intimate setting and we were able to stand right up next to the stage. The best memory from so many she helped create that day? Her taking my daughter’s phone (after my daughter took one picture of the two of them that I was cropped out of) and snapping a selfie with the two of us. Oh, another would be that, before the show, my daughter enjoyed her music, but, by the end she, too, was a fan. There is a tremendous power in music – the lyrics, the notes – that transcends generations and genres. That moment, mom and daughter, were united in a musical ‘bliss.’

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