Which venues top your bucket list to perform at?

The top of my bucket list to perform at are one day Red Rocks in Colorado and if Woodstock ever came back to life I would love to be apart of that.

What music would we be listening to if you made a playlist from only the music it held?

I would be listening to a lot of Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty, along with the Beatles. I’m a big fan of old school classic artists in general. I think of myself as an Old Soul.

What was the most challenging part of stepping out of the box musically?

The most challenging part was absolutely getting out of my own head and thinking that I could be conformed to only one genre. But this project with Edalo is one of the funniest I’ve ever done.

What prompted you to ask fans to make the choice? Oh, and do you have a favorite you hope they choose (and why)?

I always love to involve my fans in every aspect of my music, and I thought this was a great opportunity to really let them have the reins. I don’t have a preference on the song they choose! I love them all!

Abbi Scott Band at Charlie’s at Terre Haute, Indiana, this Friday. Will you be playing any new music?

This Friday we will be experimenting with some new cover songs but no new original music but it’s going to be a great energetic show.

Everything Skincare. Esthetician. How are you finding balance as a small business owner and working as a singer/songwriter?

Balance is one of the things I’m working on the most currently. It is hard to juggle everything sometimes,  but I make it work. I love doing both careers and changing lives in different ways.

Rescue dogs. Adopting Charlie as a friend for Teensie. How’s he doing?

Charlie is adapting wonderfully to his new home. He was very shy, and nervous at first but now, Teensie & Charlie are inseparable. They are best friends!

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